July 26, 2017: Packing for Alaska

Packing, especially for a long trip, is always a crazy time! I've got to account for every cable, battery, piece & part. It feels really strange to be leaving my beloved RED Dragon 6K camera at home, but for this trip and WildEarthVisions video profiles, I'll be using my Lumix GH5. Even without the RED, it's taken a number of days to ensure I have every little part and the dining area became the staging ground.

In addition to the usual camera gear, including a couple of GoPro Hero 5's, I've got my Syrp motion controllers; a Wildtronics parabola for recording field audio (such a cool piece of kit!), and audio kit to record interviews.

With so many electronic pieces of equipment requiring charging - and all with different cables! - I need a way to charge on the road. I'm excited to use my new RIVER, a portable charging system by EcoFlow Tech. I'll be able to charge the unit while driving and then use its battery to charge laptops, drone & camera batteries, and all of our Smartphones & iPads. 

I've packed, and repacked, a few times to make sure everything will fit in the RoadTrek. I've got list after list to make sure each item is present & accounted for. I also need to bring a couple of large hard cases because I'll be flying to Nome, Alaska, to spend 10 days hoping to film muskox. 

And then, there's all the personal gear - I don't dare leave the hairdryer & flattening iron behind!