Reconnecting the Human Spirit to the Natural World

My heart is weary...yet I'm pretty sure the endless optimist is still inside me.

The world is changing in ways that seem to overwhelm us in their magnitude. Our daily lives are busy & stressful.  Incessant noise, about the many perils facing our planet, bombards us from all forms of media, creating deep concern for our world.

I feel restless & anxious, sad & angry. I feel grief-stricken for the natural world & what's happening to the land & sea. 

 Many people tell me they feel the same way.  It's wearing them down.

We wonder how anyone can feel optimistic with so many challenges facing the habitats & systems that sustain our species as well as the myriad life forms with whom we share this extraordinary blue & green sphere.

All my life, I've valued the time I spend "in Nature.” But now I feel the need to undertake a journey to reconnect my battered spirit to the natural world. 

I need to explore, and rejoice in, the wonder of life on our planet. 

I need to find the comfort that Nature provides.

I know that optimism is still very much alive in our world.  I want to find, and share, that with you.

Explore * Protect * Inspire * Connect

Join me to EXPLORE joyful & awe-inspiring things about the planet in short WildEarth Wonders videos:

Click here to meet nature's stewards who PROTECT our world.

Click here to encounter creatives who use their art to INSPIRE us through their work.

Click here to watch WildEarthWonders, and see the beauty that surrounds us.

Together, these WildEarthVisions will CONNECT our human spirits to our natural world.



People are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. We are all integrally entwined with the natural world, but our busy, crazy lives help disconnect us and create discord in our spirit. Find inspiration as we hear how people reconnect their spirits to our WildEarth.



We are part of this amazing web of life we call Earth. We cannot separate ourselves from Nature.  From plankton to polar bears  I'm endlessly fascinated by the astonishing life forms and landscapes that make up our planet. Come explore these WildEarth wonders!



For many of us, wondering what we can do to help our planet seems overwhelming. But many people are working to help protect our world and they are optimistic about their endeavors. Meet these sparks of wild hope who explore, protect, inspire, and connect us to our WildEarth.